Duplicity of Eric Swalwell Over Trump and Russia Brutally Summed Up by a Single Cartoon

 California Rep. Eric Swalwell was one of the leading voices, especially on cable TV news, claiming he had evidence that Trump was a stooge for Russia, and that the Russians intervened in the 2016 election to help the president.

As we all now know there was no evidence suggesting the President or his team ever sought or accepted help from Russia but we also know that Democrats are ALWAYS guilty of the things they accuse Republicans of.

Eric Swalwell for example. Apparently he was the one in bed, literally, with foreign agents.

They say a picture can be worth a 1,000 words so here is one artist’s conception of the duplicity of Rep. Eric Swalwell over Trump and Russia brutally summed up by a single cartoon:

Nails it!

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