Liberal Democrats Support Trump’s Plan To Increase Payments To $2,000


President Trump will veto Democrats’ COVID relief bill.

Democrats’ bill has billions of wasteful spending — it only gave Americans $600.

In his speech, President Trump demanded $2,000 for hard-working Americans.

President Trump gave an address Tuesday evening from the White House on the COVID relief bill in which he called on Congress to redo the $900 billion, 5593 pages long bill passed Monday night after months of negotiations by providing payments to Americans of $2000 per adult or $4000 per couple. The bill passed by the House and Senate contains payments of only $600 per adult American but giving up to $1800 for the families of illegal aliens married to American citizens. The address was posted to Twitter.

Now this: Liberal Democrats have come out in support of increasing payments to $2,000.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Bernie Sanders:

Rashida Tlaib:

Ayanna Pressley:

Ilhan Omar:

The government shut down the economy, and people need help.

Is it Mitch or Pelosi standing in the way?

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