Man who shot at gas station due to having to wear a mask identified due to not wearing a mask

 Ellensburg police arrested a man who allegedly committed a drive-by shooting Sunday, an altercation which started because the suspect was told he had to wear a mask.

Ellensburg Police Captain Dan Hansberry said officers were able to identify the suspect because witnesses were able to describe his face because he was not wearing a mask, and they were also able to describe the vehicle used.

“Not to sound sarcastic, but he wasn’t wearing a mask,” Hansberry said.

Hansberry said the suspect and the driver of the vehicle stopped by the Toads Astro Express to get gas Sunday, Dec. 20. The suspect went inside the market without a mask, which was against the business rules. The suspect then left the market, got into the passenger side of the vehicle, and fired at least three shots at the building while the vehicle drove away. No one was injured during the shooting.

Police were given a license plate, vehicle description and a description of the suspect from witnesses. On Dec. 22, detectives worked with the Kennewick Police Department, and arrested the suspect at his place of employment without a struggle. They also recovered the handgun thought to be used in the crime, although Hansberry said they would need to wait for ballistic evidence to be sure.

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