Romney Goes Full Democrat, Says Bailing Out 'States and Localities' to Save Government Jobs is Right Thing to Do (5 Cartoons)

 Utah Senator Mitt Romney has just basically said that borrowing money to bail out ‘states and localities’ to save government jobs is the right thing to do.

“COVID has created a crisis, and in a crisis, people expect Congress to act,” Romney said. “And this group has come together to propose action that could respond to this crisis, we’ve got people that are unemployed, we’ve got businesses shutting down, we’ve got states and localities getting ready for layoffs at large numbers of people.”

“It’s simply unacceptable for us not to respond to help in this circumstance. Now, I happen to be a deficit hawk. I don’t like borrowing money,” the Utah Senator added. “I don’t like spending money we don’t have. But the time to borrow money — maybe the only time to borrow money — is when there’s a crisis, and this is a crisis.”

Watch the entire segment:

Mitt Romney is dead wrong on this.

While it is completely true that small businesses are being totally devastated by the draconian shut down orders and other covid restrictions being imposed on them by their elected leaders, to date very few government workers have been so affected.

Not a single federal dollar should go to states to help them avoid mass layoffs of government workers.

The leaders of those states and localities are complicit in the rules and shutdowns causing all of the pain and loss of tax revenue and it is way past time for government workers to feel the same financial pain as the rest of us have.

Why should government workers be treated any different or get better often higher pay, benefits, retirement or perks than private sector workers?

Maybe it is time for a “great reset” as leftists often say.

But just maybe the great reset means bringing government back under the control of the people and ensuring that government workers get treated no better, no worse than those in the private sector.

Mitt Romney is the poster child and perfect example of a Republican in Name Only or RINO.

The people of the great state of Utah should be ashamed of themselves for ever sending a snake like Mitt Romney to the US Senate.

I personally am ashamed I ever voted for the man and his equally duplicitous sidekick Paul Ryan way back in 2012.

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