Trump Has Big Surprise Planned For Biden, Will Hold Mass Rally at Same Time as Inauguration, Report (Cartoon)

 President Trump has a BIG surprise for presumptive president-elect Joe Biden should he make it as far as inauguration day.

According to a Fox News report the president has no intention of showing up at Biden’s inauguration and will instead hold a massive rally in Florida to announce a run in 2024.

Via Fox News:

A new report from Axios claims that President Trump is considering a dramatic White House departure that includes a final Air Force One flight to Florida where he will host an opposing rally during Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“The Trump talk could create a split-screen moment: the outgoing president addressing a roaring crowd in an airport hangar while the incoming leader is sworn in before a socially distanced audience outside the Capitol,” Alayna Treene of Axios wrote. 

People familiar with the discussions told NBC News that Trump plans to skip the swearing-in ceremony of his successor and that he has floated the idea of a Florida rally to announce a 2024 bid to reclaim the White House. …

Asked if he would consider running again on the Republican ticket in 2024, Trump said at the time, “I don’t want to talk to 2024 yet.”

Personally really like this idea.

Joe Biden only “won” the election because of massive voter fraud and manipulation so he is not, nor will ever be, a legitimate President.

The President is right to do this and will hopefully spend the next several years making Biden and the rest of the Democrat’s lives miserable.

My guess is far more people will tune in to see the Trump rally, rather than see a fake and illegitimate president get sworn in.

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