BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: ‘We Build the Wall’ Founder Brian Kolfage Knows Where Illegals are Busting Through the Border Wall Right Now and Big Media is Ignoring It


‘We Build the Wall’ founder Brian Kolfage knows where the illegal alien surge is busting through the Southern border right now.  This story is not being told by Big Media.

The crisis at the Southern Border is not going away and the mainstream media is failing to report the truth on it again.

This week the surge happening, its been building up over the past few weeks after Biden’s dangerous promises to open the borders for amnesty. The crisis is beginning to explode again.

When doing our routine intel check on our first border wall in Sunland Park. New Mexico, it was revealed that there have been at least 30 attempted incursions on our site per a day that are being thwarted thanks to the incredible wall that our patriots funded through We Build The Wall.

(Border wall built by ‘We Build the Wall’ project)

(Same wall night picture)

Something even more alarming we learned from our team on the ground was that 1500 Cuban men are waiting in Juarez, Mexico for Biden to let them in, they said they are giving Biden 30 days to do so before they storm the open border gap to break into the USA. The open gap is on the opposite side of the mountain and is where we were planning to build next before the corrupt SDNY stopped us dead in our tracks. This small gap is where Obama’s border wall just abruptly stopped and it didn’t go up the mountain like we did, it’s a weak point and a major smuggling corridor we exposed last year with hidden trail cams.

(The gap in the wall with Mexico where smugglers pass.)

The “Peoples Wall” is finally paying dividends as we knew it would and it’s stopping the cartels from smuggling in cash and drugs. You helped shut down this major route and this is exactly why the weaponized judicial system at the SDNY pulled out bogus charges on all of We Build The Wall leaders. We proved to be very effective at doing something that they didn’t want, and we’re not going to just stop. We will be building more wall under the Biden Administration.

The crisis is real, our agents are once again left outnumbered and its only a matter of time before we’re seeing thousands storm the border again…

(You can help support Brian at his website – Please take a look at what he has gone through after building a small section of needed wall.)

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