Fred Weinberg: 11 Takeaways from 2020 that Nobody, Especially Race-Baiting Leftists, Should Be Proud Of

 Here are some takeaways from the year 2020 that nobody — especially race-baiting leftists — should be proud of.

1. George Floyd is hardly a poster boy for racial equality.

He had a long rap sheet in Texas, where he grew up, filled with felonies and misdemeanors, some violent and some merely transactional in nature (possession or sale of cocaine), but not the picture of an upstanding citizen. Not even close. 

While the nature of his arrest and subsequent death was not reflective of what law enforcement should be, the fact is that Floyd was a violent criminal and earned that title in a well-documented manner. He was not John Lewis crossing the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma and he is not the individual most responsible parents would be proud of raising.

If you are going to make someone an example of righteousness, he should at least have a passing relationship with what is right.

2. The punks who rioted in Portland should see the inside of a federal penitentiary (too bad Alcatraz is closed) because this is the United States of America and we don’t do that here, even if your weasel mayor is a quisling who has now come out against lawlessness. What a jerk.

3. It’s a lot easier to cheat in a national election than it is for people to catch you and overturn the election. Local and state judges are mostly bought and paid for locally because all politics are mostly local.

4. The Washington swamp is populated by creeps from both parties.

On the right, you have bull artists like Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Susan Collins who exist to preserve, protect and defend their own personal positions. On the left, the Chuckie Schumers, Adam Schiffs and Eric Swalwells of the world.

If they were all to disappear from the world tomorrow, the only real people to mourn them would be people whose financial needs depended on them.

5. There are similar swamps in all 50 states located in state capitols and city halls. A thorough housecleaning might reduce the population of the United States by, say 10 percent, but we don’t have enough prison cells to hold them all.

6. Give many state and local politicians the slightest bit of power over people’s lives and they become mall cops.

Until this past year, very few people had any idea that a virus could be politicized. Now, the geniuses in state capitols have made it so that they are trusted by very few people. Nor should they be because they acted like tinhorn dictators instead of leaders.

7. The media — particularly those that used to be generally trusted — have kicked journalism to the curb and become advocates.

The serious old line is that media can’t be trusted to teach you how to flush a toilet. If The New York Times ran a feature on toilet flushing, The Washington Post would nominate them for the Pulitzer Prize.

8. Reporters who cover politics in the legacy media are a lot like sportswriters covering the National Football League. They owe their sources for inside information and they pay them back in story selection and content.

9. Social media is a crock. Anybody who gets their information from Twitter or Facebook has no information at all. Nobody important pays serious attention to those companies’ products because there is nothing to pay attention to and they are distractions from real life.

10. Any moron who believes that there is systemic racism in this nation isn’t paying attention.

Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, but if there is, nothing you can do legislatively will fix anything. They only thing you get when you tinker with racism legislatively is a set of black politicians splitting the swamp with white swamp dwellers.

11. Any chronological adult who lived through 2020 and doesn’t believe that the Second Amendment is there for self-defense simply is not paying attention.

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