Fresh Off the Fraudulent Elections – Georgia Governor Kemp Praises the “Peaceful” George Floyd Protests that Caused $2 Billion in Damages

 What a disgrace.

Governor Brian Kemp and his sidekicks in Georgia flipped reliable Georgia to the Democrats this year with drop boxes, mail-in voting, and late-night suitcase deliveries.

The presidential election was rife with fraud.
There is NO WAY possible that Georgia would “flip” to Democrats in the age of Trump the most popular Republican in history.
It was a devastating blow to the country and to the rule of law.

Following the presidential election, Georgia held senate runoffs where an anti-American Marxist won in Georgia. This could not have happened without massive fraud as we have exposed over the past several months.

On Friday Governor Kemp Praised the “peaceful” George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery protests.

The George Floyd riots resulted in an estimated $2 billion in damages.

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