HERE’S THE LIST: 83 GOP Lawmakers Refused to Object to Rampant Fraud in the AZ Presidential Election


121 Republican lawmakers voted in agreement with the objection to the fraudulent election in Arizona.
83 Republican voters disagreed that there was significant voter fraud in Arizona in the presidential election.

Here is more information on the vote Wednesday night at 11 PM Eastern.

Every single GOP lawmaker who refused to object to the fraud in this year’s Arizona election should be targeted and primaried out of office in two years.

We have two years to make this happen!


Amodei Republican Nevada NAY
Armstrong Republican North Dakota NAY
Bacon Republican Nebraska NAY
Balderson Republican Ohio NAY
Barr Republican Kentucky NAY
Bentz Republican Oregon NAY
Buchanan Republican Florida NAY
Buck Republican Colorado NAY
Bucshon Republican Indiana NAY
Chabot Republican Ohio NAY
Cheney Republican Wyoming NAY
Comer Republican Kentucky NAY
Crenshaw Republican Texas NAY
Curtis Republican Utah NAY
Davis, Rodney Republican Illinois NAY
Emmer Republican Minnesota NAY
Feenstra Republican Iowa NAY
Ferguson Republican Georgia NAY
Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania NAY
Fortenberry Republican Nebraska NAY
Foxx Republican North Carolina NAY
Gallagher Republican Wisconsin NAY
Garbarino Republican New York NAY
Gonzales, Tony Republican Texas NAY
Gonzalez (OH) Republican Ohio NAY
Graves (LA) Republican Louisiana NAY
Grothman Republican Wisconsin NAY
Guthrie Republican Kentucky NAY
Herrera Beutler Republican Washington NAY
Hill Republican Arkansas NAY
Hinson Republican Iowa NAY
Hollingsworth Republican Indiana NAY
Huizenga Republican Michigan NAY
Johnson (SD) Republican South Dakota NAY
Joyce (OH) Republican Ohio NAY
Katko Republican New York NAY
Keller Republican Pennsylvania NAY
Kinzinger Republican Illinois NAY
Kustoff Republican Tennessee NAY
LaHood Republican Illinois NAY
Latta Republican Ohio NAY
Mace Republican South Carolina NAY
Massie Republican Kentucky NAY
McCaul Republican Texas NAY
McClintock Republican California NAY
McHenry Republican North Carolina NAY
McKinley Republican West Virginia NAY
Meijer Republican Michigan NAY
Meuser Republican Pennsylvania NAY
Miller-Meeks Republican Iowa NAY
Moolenaar Republican Michigan NAY
Mooney Republican West Virginia NAY
Moore (UT) Republican Utah NAY
Murphy (NC) Republican North Carolina NAY
Newhouse Republican Washington NAY
Owens Republican Utah NAY
Pence Republican Indiana NAY
Reed Republican New York NAY
Rodgers (WA) Republican Washington NAY
Roy Republican Texas NAY
Schweikert Republican Arizona NAY
Scott, Austin Republican Georgia NAY
Simpson Republican Idaho NAY
Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey NAY
Smucker Republican Pennsylvania NAY
Spartz Republican Indiana NAY
Stauber Republican Minnesota NAY
Stefanik Republican New York NAY
Steil Republican Wisconsin NAY
Stewart Republican Utah NAY
Stivers Republican Ohio NAY
Taylor Republican Texas NAY
Thompson (PA) Republican Pennsylvania NAY
Turner Republican Ohio NAY
Upton Republican Michigan NAY
Van Duyne Republican Texas NAY
Wagner Republican Missouri NAY
Waltz Republican Florida NAY
Wenstrup Republican Ohio NAY
Westerman Republican Arkansas NAY
Wittman Republican Virginia NAY
Womack Republican Arkansas NAY
Young Republican Alaska NAY

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