Liz Cheney Speaks Out, Refuses to Apologize for Trump Impeachment Vote, Praises Mike Pence “For Standing Firm for His Constitutional Oath” (VIDEO)


Liz Cheney joined America’s Newsroom on Thursday morning for her first FOX interview since voting to impeach Republican President Donald Trump. Cheney based her vote on media lies and smears against President Trump. Cheney is the third ranked Republican in the US House of Representatives.

Since her outrageous action Cheney has come under fire from the 91% strong Republican base. Cheney was censured by a Wyoming Republican delegation, she was asked to step down from her leadership role and she already has two primary candidates.

On Thursday Liz Cheney refused to apologize for her vote. She continued to take swipes at President Trump though not by name. She has no interest in discussing alleged voter fraud. And, she praised Mike Pence for refusing to investigate allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Liz Cheney: I think all of us who lived through the events of January 6th, all who watched on television, and there are a lot of people including Vice President Pence, for example who just deserves tremendous praise and our gratitude for standing firm for his constitutional oath, for doing what he knew was right. And I think what’s important is that what happened on January 6th never happen again.

Why is Liz Cheney still in a leadership position?
Do the Republican elites in Washington DC REALLY hate their voters that much?
This is unbelievable!


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