“Stay Out of Washington” President Trump Puts Antifa Domestic Terrorists on Notice Ahead of #StopTheSteal March


President Trump on Tuesday put Antifa domestic terrorists on notice and told them to stay out of Washington ahead the Stop the Steal march.

Hundreds of thousands of patriots are already arriving in DC for the Stop the Steal march that will take place on Wednesday.

Antifa terrorists attacked Trump supporters in Washington DC last month so Trump warned the terrorists to stay out.

“Antifa is a Terrorist Organization, stay out of Washington. Law enforcement is watching you very closely!” Trump said tagging the FBI, DHS, Secret Service and DOJ.

Rabid leftists are already attacking Republicans who are challenging the fraudulent election results.

Antifa-BLM terrorists swarmed and attacked Senator Josh Hawley’s Washington DC home on Monday night.

The Senator was back in Missouri at the time.

But Senator Hawley’s wife Erin and their newborn baby were at home at the time.

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