Mike Rowe Hits Back at the Left Over Climate: ‘No Bigger Investor in Alternative Energy Than Oil and Natural Gas’ (Cartoon)

 Those on the left and their media allies appear to be dead set on crippling the American oil and gas industry, and the American economy, by a forced, government led transition to so called “green energy” all in the name of stopping climate change.

If you listened to people like AOC and Bernie Sanders you’d think that those who run American energy companies are villians trying to destroy the planet but nothing could be farther from the truth, at least according to Mike Rowe.

During a recent interview on Fox News with host Jesse Waters, Rowe was asked about the lefts seeming determination to put oil companies out of business and his answer really hits home.

“I’ll simply say, when you live in a binary world and you have this kind of a narrative, then you need a good guy and you need a bad guy,” Rowe started. “We’ve really become very, very simplistic I think in the way we look at complicated problems.”

“Energy is a complicated challenge. It’s convenient, especially if you’re predisposed to believe the world is going to come to an end in 9 or 12 years or whatever the latest estimate is.”

“It’s convenient to put a black hat on fossil fuels,” he added. “But we just can’t do it. We can’t make energy the enemy, for a lot of reasons.”

“There is no bigger investor in alternative energy than oil and natural gas. So it kind of starts with that. It’s like shooting rats in the bottom of our boat with a shotgun.”

“You’ll hit them, but you’ll blow a hole in the boat and the whole thing is going to go down.”

Then Rowe makes his main point “So we’re connected in ways that we don’t seem to really understand vis a vis our energy and as much as we would like to simply say these guys are good and these guys a bad, it’s a trap.”

“And it’s not just at the pump, and it’s not just the temperature in your house as your freezing to death or sweating to death.”

“It’s [also] yoga pants. It’s everything made from petroleum. The keypad on my computer. It’s all connected.”

“If we try to unravel it the way we seem determined to do we’ll start pulling on threads and the whole quilt is going to Bunch up and it won’t be pretty.”

Mike Rowe is 100% correct about this.

Leftists seem intent on destroying the oil industry but are not telling the entire truth about the potential ramifications of that destruction.

The cost of energy will soar, the electrical grid will be less reliable and the cost of a lot of products we all rely on will soar as well.

Frankly if leftists really cared about climate change and green energy they’d be pushing nuclear energy instead of windmills and solar panels.

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