Biden Kicks Off Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister of Ireland by Talking About Racism Against Asian-Americans (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Wednesday kicked off his bilateral meeting with H.E. Micheál Martin, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland by talking about racism against Asian-Americans.

Biden brought up the mass shooting in Atlanta that left a total of 8 people dead, including 6 Asian women.

The shooter told police he is a sex addict and he wanted to “eliminate locations he saw as ‘temptations’ for his sex addiction” but Biden used the tragedy to fan the flames and trash America to a foreign leader.

Biden said that he was just briefed by the US Attorney General and director of the FBI and the investigation into the motive of the shooting is ongoing.

Joe Biden also said that he’s been sounding the alarm on racism against Asians for months, suggesting Trump is at fault (for saying Wuhan virus, China virus) for the recent attacks on Asians.


Kamala Harris on Wednesday also hosted the Prime Minister of Ireland for a bilateral meeting and she kicked off the virtual conference by trashing America as a violent and racist country.

Kamala Harris, the most unwanted, unpopular VP in history acted like a woke social justice warrior in a meeting with a foreign leader.

How is this appropriate?

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