President Trump Lays Out What Must Be Done to Ensure Election Integrity in US Elections Going Forward


President Trump listed the activities needed to address the election fraud of 2020.

President Trump listed the activities needed in elections going forward in his speech today at CPAC:

  1. We should have one election day
  2. The only people that should be allowed to vote absentee are those with a good reason
  3. Eliminate mail-in voting
  4. Must have voter ID
  5. We need universal signature matching
  6. There should be 100% requirement to be American to vote
  7. Must have chain of custody for every ballot

Additionally, the President said:

Our election process is worse than that of a 3rd world country.

State legislatures have the privilege of being able to update laws, not judges.

Time magazine article reported on the corruption in the election is a must read.

We also need free speech.  We can’t have Republicans censored.

Your numbers are bigger than their numbers – Republicans are much bigger.

They don’t want to debate because we have easier victories.

It’s time to break up Big Tech monopolies and address section 230.  If not every state should institute laws to punish Big Tech with major sanctions whenever they silence conservatives.

His overall speech was great – making America great again.

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