BIG NEWS: Several Georgia Counties Vote to Replace RINOs with Pro-Trump Committeemen — One Georgia County Votes to Censure Kemp and Raffensperger


There is a new movement in conservative circles to take back the Republican Party from establishment elites and take over the party from within.

The Precinct Project is a conservative movement to participate in and take control of the over 400,000 precinct committeemen positions in the Republican Party. Currently, over 200,000 of these committeemen positions are vacant. And it is likely that half of the current positions are held by RINOs and party elites with no loyalty to the Trump movement.

And we are already seeing success.

Daniel Wiley, just a regular guy in Georgia, was recently elected the Douglas County Georgia chair position in a landlide. After his win all of the RINO board members in Douglas County that were left refused to serve under a MAGA chair, so they all quit in protest. So Daniel just replaced the ENTIRE Douglas County GOP board with all MAGA, in one fell swoop.

Now we have more updates:

On Saturday Cobb County Georgia just overthrew their chair position too. It was a real catfight.

And besides Cobb County, Appling County, Lowdes, Pierce, and Pickens Counties also voted in Pro-Trump committeemen. There was also a vote in Fannin County, which is the home county of Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, that passed 37-2 to censure Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger.

This is great news for the future of the Republican Party in Georgia.

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