Former Governor and Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Likely Saved a Man’s Life at Mar-a-Lago Over the Weekend


Former Missouri Governor and current Senate candidate Eric Greitens likely saved the life of a man at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend.

Newsmax reported:

Eric Greitens, the ex-GOP governor of Missouri and a current Senate candidate, sprang into action to help save the life of a man who collapsed near the Navy SEAL at Mar-a-Lago’s beach club on Saturday afternoon.

Greitens was at the club when he said he heard the man, who was not identified due to medical regulations, collapse and hit the pool deck pavement, where he lay bleeding, seizing, and not breathing.

“We were having a meeting and there was a loud crash,” said Greitens, who underwent extensive medical training as a SEAL. “I looked to my right and it was clear there was a situation.”

He said he immediately saw the situation was dire.

“When I got there, he was having a seizure and his airway was blocked,” Greitens said. “He wasn’t breathing.”

He also noticed a significant amount of blood pouring from “serious gashes” on the man’s head. As soon as he reached the man, who was about 10 yards away, Greitens said his medical training kicked in.

Greitens received medical training in the military as a Navy seal.  These skills immediately kicked in as he helped the man who had fallen.

During his military career, Greitens rose to the rank of lieutenant commander in the United States Navy Reserve. He was deployed four times during his active duty days, serving tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and Southeast Asia. His commendations include the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and the Combat Action Ribbon.

“You just kind of revert to your training,” Greitens said.

He specifically recalled one drill during SEAL training in which he had to pick up a fellow SEAL, who was covered in dirt, sweat, and gear, throw him in a pickup truck, jump in, and administer an IV – while the truck raced over rocky terrain.

“After you have all of that training, it does all come right back to you,” he said, recounting his instinctual response to the beach club emergency. “As soon as he was down, I was moving in that direction. I started doing an assessment of what was happening in terms of his breathing and his airway.”

Greitens said he opened up the man’s mouth and got him breathing again. He then tended to the man’s head wound by applying pressure that stopped the bleeding.

Bystanders believe Greitens may have saved the man’s life through his quick actions. 

Last July Eric Greitens and a friend rushed to perform life-saving measures on shooting victims in St. Louis city.

Eric Greitens continues to prove to the American public he is much more than your typical politician.

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