“Get Out!” – Leftist Union Leaders in Minnesota Expel National Guard Members from Labor Center Who Were There to Protect the Community (VIDEO)


Union members and far left activists expelled National Guard members from their St. Paul Labor Center on Friday after they heard the guard was resting there.

The leftists told the National Guard to “Get out!” and “Go home!”

The National Guard is in the Twin Cities to prevent the total destruction of the community like complete carnage of the violent left last year.

KSTP Channel 5 reported:

Union members in St. Paul kicked out Minnesota National Guard soldiers who were using the St. Paul Labor Center on West 7th Street as a temporary staging area Wednesday night.

In a video posted on Facebook by a registered nurse and member of the Minnesota Nurses Association, union members can be seen and heard mocking the soldiers and telling them to “get out” and “go home.”

It happened as the National Guard was mobilizing in the aftermath of the killing of Daunte Wright by a Brooklyn Center police officer.

“We came down here to confront them,” Cliff Willmeng, a registered nurse, says on the video he posted. “The labor movement and the National Guard has had a river of blood between the two institutions.”


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