State Lawmakers Step Up, Pass Bill to Keep Planned Parenthood Creeps Out of Public Schools

 The Arkansas State Legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill that would keep Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers out of public schools.

On Monday, the GOP-controlled state Senate approved the Arkansas Student Protection Act by a vote of 27-5 — a month after the Republican-majority state House of Representatives voted 73-18 in favor of the legislation.

The bill, which was sponsored by Republican state Rep. Mark Lowery, says a “public school or open-enrollment public charter school” cannot knowingly “enter into any type of transaction” with an abortion provider.

The measure has been sent to Arkansas‘ Republican governor, Asa Hutchinson, who has not signaled whether he’ll sign it, according to The Christian Post.

If Hutchinson blocks the bill, the Legislature still could make it law by overriding his veto with a simple majority.

Jerry Cox, the president of the pro-life Arkansas Family Council, issued a statement applauding the “good bill,” which he says will “help make sure Planned Parenthood and other abortionists don’t access Arkansas’ public schools.”

His organization said it assembled nearly 1,400 pages of documents showing Planned Parenthood’s involvement in just one county’s public schools.

Parents fear that children would be able to get on-demand abortions at school and be indoctrinated into believing that abortion is an acceptable method of birth control and medically safe at all stages of pregnancy — up until the baby is being born.

Gloria Pedro, a regional Planned Parenthood manager, slammed the legislation, which she and the establishment media disingenuously framed as blocking “sex education programs in public schools.”

“Our students’ basic education should not be jeopardized because of the Legislature’s misguided political agenda,” Pedro said in a statement, according to The Christian Post.

The topic of abortion has always been a contentious political football, but the debate has heated up in Arkansas after Hutchinson signed a bill in March that bans abortions except in a life-threatening medical emergency for the mother.

At the time, Planned Parenthood responded by vowing to ensure that on-demand abortions are “legal and accessible in Arkansas, and we will never back down from this fight.”The organization’s outspoken war to become a staple of public schools is emblematic of how insidiously left-wing political agendas have infiltrated America’s education systems.

From critical race theory to anti-Christian rhetoric to transgender indoctrination, schools — both public and private — have devolved into battlegrounds for the left-wing brainwashing of children.

During the past few decades, the right has unwittingly ceded control of the media, academia, administrative government and entertainment to the left.

It cannot afford to lose more ground in the culture wars by relinquishing control of the nation’s public school systems. It is long past time to take a stand before the United States devolves into a third-world, Marxist hellhole run by hypocritical left-wing grifters.

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