AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward: Forensic Audit Should Be Finished by End of June — Hints That There are Numerous Duplicated Ballots Without Originals (VIDEO)


Dr. Kelli Ward is the Arizona Republican Chairwoman and she is OUTSTANDING.

She really is in a league of her own.

Although the current ballot counting and investigations are delayed this week due to a scheduling conflict in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Kelli Ward is still working hard for the people of Arizona.

On Wednesday Dr. Kelli Ward tweeted out that she expects the forensic audit to be completed by the end of June.

And on Tuesday Kelli Ward tweeted out a poll that hints at what the investigators are finding in the 2.1 million ballots that were turned over to the Senate audit team.

It appears they are running into ballots without a corresponding original.
Are we talking about ghost ballots?

This could be a HUGE problem for the Maricopa County supervisors and Democrats like Katie Hobbs.

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