Coach at Illinois High School Resigns After an Alleged Racist Remark Leads to Bomb Threat


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I’m continually at a loss for why racists go into teaching. It never ends well for them. A coach at an Illinois high school has resigned from her position after a racist comment she allegedly made to a student resulted in so much outrage that someone called in a bomb threat.

God, America really is the Degrassi of countries. Just hot mess stacked on top of hot mess.

According to the Belleville-News Democrat, Sara Baker, a coach, teacher and white woman at Marion High School, allegedly called a 15-year-old student-athlete on the track team a “barefooted African from the third world.” Baker allegedly made the comment last month after seeing two Black students running up a hill without shoes on. That sound you’re hearing right now is our ancestors letting out the longest, deepest, negro-est sigh.

People began to protest at the school as news of the comments got out, and Baker was put on paid leave as a result. Apparently, news of the comments spread far because a person in New York made a call to the school threatening to blow it up if the teacher wasn’t fired.

Now, while what the teacher said was fucked up, and she should lose her job for it, threatening to blow up a school is fucking stupid. Don’t let white foolishness have you out here catching unnecessary cases. Critical thinking skills, folks. I need you to use them.

The bomb threat resulted in the school being evacuated on April 28, with a bomb squad being called in to make sure the school was safe. “As we are working diligently to investigate the allegations against the girl’s track coach and to bring the resolution to this matter, threats to the school district only serve to delay our ability to continue this investigation and cause disruption of our students’ education,” the school district said after the threat.

Baker apologized to the student for the comments, but the girl’s family said it was “insincere.” In addition to being casually racist, Baker was also under scrutiny from school officials for using Snapchat to “professionally communicate” with students, according to WPSD. Man, she was just fucking up left and right.

The school board accepted Baker’s resignation on Wednesday, though they will allow her to be transferred to another school in the district. So basically you can be racist, not follow the rules of your job, inadvertently be the reason for a bomb threat called into your job, and the worst thing that’ll happen to you is a transfer.

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