Folks In This Online Group Predict That These 30 Things Won’t Go Back To Normal After The Pandemic

 Over a year into the pandemic seemingly is giving more insight into what the post-pandemic world would potentially look like. So many things, including our daily social life and working habits, most likely have changed already and perhaps they will keep on evolving and never even go back to their previous forms. The all-knowing and all-opinion-sharing Reddit online group r/AskReddit was asked by its member u/sinosty, who dropped the surely thought-provoking question ‘What will never be the same again once the pandemic is over?’

It seems that that wearing bras might not make a comeback, as well as touching any surface and not thinking about washing your hands or grabbing your sanitizer immediately. It also could have ‘normalized’ some things that were less common, such as adults living with their parents or wearing face coverings in public. Below are the best examples of the predictions shared by people online.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicLet's wear masks in public whenever we might be feeling under the weather. I always thought that a very sensible and considerate gesture to make when I saw it being done in other parts of the world.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI really REALLY hope all this sets a new precedent in terms of public sanitation. The amount of places that are like 'look, we're doing full sanitation procedures to make sure you stay safe!' and it's weren't before?! Grotty.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicThe weird pride surrounding dragging yourself to work when you're sick.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicSitting in a doctor's office waiting room when you're sick. I feel like lots of people will wear masks to hospitals and doctor's offices from now on.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI haven’t had so much as a head cold in 2020. Guessing the extra sanitization and general cleanliness has been helpful? I always washed my hands like normally but maybe extra focus is a good idea forever.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicThe blissful ignorance of sticking my fingers in a random bowling ball, then proceeding to eat food without a care in the world.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicOur healthcare workforce. I'm afraid of a mass exodus of nurses in particular. This pandemic kicked everyone's a**, but none more so than healthcare workers.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicMany smaller businesses that are already heavily suffering will not able to recover even after the pandemic because it has become so normal for many to just use amazon... So please support your local businesses!

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI'm never wearing a bra again babyyyyyyyyy!

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicNot that I ever did it much previously, but I highly doubt I’ll ever eat at a buffet again.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicHopefully pizza delivery. No contact pizza delivery is the best thing to come out of this.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicNo one will trust you if you have the common cold or a slight cough.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicAdult kids living with their family. I think it'll be more widely accepted in the Western world.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI think the plexiglass dividers at checkouts will stay around.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicYou’re going to see a lot of businesses go fully remote permanently, so a lot of people are going to be moving out of cities into the suburbs so they are going to start booming and turning into small cities.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicMy mental health.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicThe health of people who had permanent organ damage due to COVID.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicTrust in governments.

It wasn't good to begin with, but now it is virtually non-existent.

They turned one of the biggest tragedies of this century into a power grab; most govenments, all around the world. As far as I'm concerned, there is no forgiveness for them.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI wonder if this will cause a boom in the entertainment industry and Restaurants. As much as I like eating, and watching movies at home. Sometimes there is nothing like getting out of the house and being able to enjoy a good movie or a meal out.

Though I do hope this causes movie prices to go down. $20 for a movie, and even BEFORE the Pandemic hit, most movies weren't even worth that money.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-Pandemic6-10 feet of space between people in waiting lines

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicSnow days are dead, school will just be online

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicIt will no longer be weird to wear face coverings in public so celebrities will always wear them to not be recognised

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI have a slightly different take on some of this stuff—like handshakes, hugging, and casual physical contact.

I think we’re gonna go back to doing these things just as soon as we feel it’s safe. (I know some parts of the country people already are, for better or worse...) But it’s so important for human interaction. I just think we’re going to actually appreciate how important these things are.

Just being close to someone and looking them in the eye after shaking their hand or patting them on the back is critical to making a personal connection. Yeah I know masks don’t cover your eyes but not being able to see half of someone’s face is terrible when it comes to basic human interaction.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicCommuting. I’m sure I will work from home regularly. Traffic jams will not disappear, but will be less common.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicCan we keep drive-up doctor's visits? I get upper respiratory infections almost every winter and being able to sit in my car and have the doc come to me was 🌟magical🌟. (No big waiting room/little waiting room while miserable!)

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicThe feeling of being in a rave, passing round water and sharing bodily fluids, being the thousandth person to use a porta-loo and singing with all your breath, will never be the same again

There is no way we can feel that free again without the pandemic thoughts creeping in

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicIn the long term, once the pandemic is over I don’t think a whole lot is going to change, but I do see the loss of many small businesses being permanent.

There will be fewer people working in offices than before, but I don’t think permanent WFH is going to catch on as much as people predict. While some people love WFH, some people hate it, or they are unable to do it effectively, and I think over time there will be some recruitment and retention issues. Those who want to WFH will migrate to companies that are full WFH, while those who want to work in an office will migrate to those jobs.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicI think cruise ships might be done for lol

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicCasinos. I thought they were skanky and dirty before covid (but still fun as hell). Now standing at a craps table shoulder to shoulder breathing 20 dudes air and sharing chips with dozens of people for hours sounds f****** gross.

Things-Probably-Wont-Normal-PandemicHaving to sneeze in public

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