Iowa Woman Who Hit Black 12-Year-Old and Latina Teen With Her SUV Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison


Nicole Poole Franklin
Nicole Poole Franklin
Photo: Polk County Jail

Nicole Poole Franklin, the white supremacist from Des Moines, Iowa, who on Dec. 9, 2019, hit a Black 12-year-old boy with her SUV and, on the same day, ran over a 14-year-old girl and admitted she did it because she thought the girl “was a Mexican,” has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty in April to two counts of attempted murder.

From Des Moines Register:

The girl’s father, Cesar Miranda, testified in a hearing before the sentencing that he always told his kids they were lucky to live the U.S. and be free. He told Poole that he forgave her, but that the incident was a nightmare for his family. Whenever he crosses the street he wonders if he will be hit by a vehicle, he said.

“My hope disappeared,” Miranda said. “My belief that I was free in this country was gone.”

He and his daughter said they came to court to let Poole know that they will not give in to hatred.

“I don’t hate you because I don’t want to feel what you feel to my daughter,” Miranda said. “I hope you change because human beings can never live like this.”

Of course, white supremacist human beings have been living like this for at least 500 years now, but we get the point.

According to the Register, Matthew Sheeley, Franklin’s public defender, testified that his client suffered from schizophrenia and was sexually abused as a child, but since none of that shit makes a person racist—who the hell really cares?

Still, Sheeley went on to say that Franklin wasn’t taking her medication because she was pregnant and she worried about how it might affect her child, but he also said that her “hallucinations only got worse when she started to self-medicate with alcohol, marijuana and meth.”

The really wild thing is, Sheely went on to describe the 43-year-old’s mental illness in a way that could easily apply to any garden-variety MAGA conservative, saying that she got caught up in conservative propaganda news outlets that had her in perpetual fear of immigrants and foreign terrorists invading America.

“In her mind, these people were invading our country and taking our homes and jobs,” Sheeley said. “She was severely mentally ill, but she was not clinically insane.”

He even went as far as to say that she “would’ve been in Washington storming the [U.S.] Capitol” during the Jan. 6 whiny white people rebellion.

Anyway, Judge Scott Beattie agreed to accept the terms of a plea agreement that, under Iowa law, requires her to serve at least 17 and a half years out of her 25-year sentence.

Franklin will also be in court on Aug. 19 for sentencing on two federal hate crime convictions in connection with her racist rampage. According to the Register, she could face life in prison, but federal prosecutors are recommending a 27-year sentence to be served concurrently with her sentence for the attempted murder charges.

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