Wedding Photographer Shares Working Horror Story When A Guest Won’t Let Her Do Her Job

 If someone purposefully chooses a career, it must be because they like it or are good at it. And one of the most frustrating things for a professional is when someone who read an article on the internet or just started getting interested in the subject tries to explain to them how to do their job.

Apparently, wedding photographers get that a lot. They call people who aren’t hired to take photos at weddings, but still want to take every shot of the event Uncle Bobs. Uncle Bobs also like to explain what the professionals are doing wrong and often interfere with their work.

The photographer in this story had to deal with a very annoying Uncle Bob who not only explained to her how to do her job properly and was touching her equipment without her permission, but also made the bride quite unhappy.

A wedding photographer shared a story of an Uncle Bob mansplaining to her and not letting her do her job

Image credits: Kristina Paukshtite (not the actual photo)

A wedding photographer shared an unpleasant experience she had while working and it involved the infamous Uncle Bob, a person at a wedding that is not hired to be a photographer, but takes as many pictures as the professional and can be a little or of great annoyance to them.

No sooner was this photographer able to set up her equipment and Uncle Bob showed up to take matters in his own hands.

Firstly, photographers tend to shoot the dress and the accessories while they’re not being worn. So she was arranging the things how she would like them in the photo, but in Uncle Bob’s opinion, the lighting was too dark for the shot.

This comment is not that big of a deal, because photographers think not only about the actual shot but also what they will do with the photo in a photo editor. The problem was that Uncle Bob decided that he needed the dress and took it right out from under the photographer’s nose and disappeared.

It started with a comment about lighting and soon he was taking things from the photoshoot set that the photographer arranged and even barked at her

Uncle Bob proceeded to also take the flowers and the rings, not letting do her job. On top of that, he started yelling and claiming that the photographer didn’t know what she was doing and was ruining his niece’s photos.

There definitely are photographers that are better at doing their job and there are ones that are less good. Also, people may have preferences how they would like their photos to look; however, in this case, it seems that Uncle Bob just wasn’t the nicest person as he barked at the photographer when she didn’t let him have the rings.

Apparently Uncle Bob had been shooting for two weeks and had a new camera

Turns out, Uncle Bob thought he was a photographer too and that was why he was so dissatisfied with the hired one’s job, as he had a new camera and two weeks of experience.

He was so into it that he even allowed himself to move around the expensive equipment that was set up by the real professional.

So he probably thought that he had everything he needed to allow himself to touch someone else’s gear

Uncle Bob also made the photographer miss the first kiss shot because he tripped and even blamed her because he also didn’t get the shot

Well, she just had to make the best of the situation because there was no time to set it up again as the ceremony was about to begin.

But Uncle Bob managed to cause even more trouble. He trips on a cord, missed the shot himself, made the photographer miss it, and put all the blame on her.

But there is a happy ending to this story. Despite everything being a mess thanks to Uncle Bob, the photographer’s assistant was busy and documenting Uncle Bob’s behavior.

Not only that, but the assistant got the most important shot—the first kiss. For the other photos it was possible to edit Uncle Bob out, so they didn’t turn out that bad.

However, his misbehavior didn’t go unnoticed and the photographer’s assistant got everything, including him putting the dress on grass and more importantly, the first kiss picture

Image credits: prideprejudce

At the end, the photos were saved, the most important shots taken, and the truth came out that the hired photographer was doing everything in her power to do her job and it was Uncle Bob who was messing things up.

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