A County in North Carolina Cancels Coke Machines Because CEO Believes People Should Be Able to Easily Vote


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Republican state legislators in North Carolina got in on the canceling action by voting to remove Coke machines from all government facilities over comments the CEO of the company made about Georgia voting laws.

According to NBC News, late last month the Surry County Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to remove the machines after Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy issued a statement against the voting law passed in Georgia. If you weren’t aware, Republicans don’t know how to take an L. Instead of doing the work and crafting a platform that’s actually beneficial to Americans of all stripes, they’ve decided to take the lazy route and use legislation to make voting harder for the people who historically don’t vote for them.

“Our Board felt that was the best way to take a stand and express our disappointment in Coca-Cola’s actions, which are not representative of most views of our citizens,” Commissioner Ed Harris wrote in a letter to Quincy. “Our Board hopes that other organizations across the country are taking similar stances against Coca-Cola and sincerely wishes that future marketing efforts and comments emanating from your company are more considerate of all your customers’ viewpoints.”

Well, considering that the Republicans lost the last election over a historically unpopular candidate, I don’t think it’s fair to say their stance represents “most views of our citizens.”

You would think that Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said something akin to “Fuck Republicans, all my homies hate Republicans.” Instead, all he did was issue a statement essentially saying that it was fucked up that a group of elected officials would use their power to limit the constitutional rights of citizens.

“Voting is a foundational right in America, and we have long championed efforts to make it easier to vote,” Quincey wrote in his statement. “We want to be crystal clear and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation.”

If someone saying “voting is a foundational right and it should be made easier” is something that offends you, you might not be as much of a patriot as you like to proclaim on Facebook.

The funniest part of this whole situation is that since Harris is a Republican in the year 2021, he couldn’t help but bring up cancel culture. He wrote that the company supports “the out-of-control cancel culture,” while effectively canceling Coke for not getting down with voter suppression.

He also tried to bring up Michael Jordan’s “Republicans buy sneakers too,” comment as he reminisced about the days when corporations didn’t speak on politics; they just gave money to politicians, instead. It’s interesting to me how Harris completely misses the point here.

Companies love making money, that’s what they’re made to do. Do you know how abhorrent you have to be for a corporation to be willing to put money on the line? Who knows though, maybe submitting themselves to a future of nothing but RC Cola will make them see the error of their ways.

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