Cincinnati Racist Accused of Calling Black Uber Driver Racial Slur and Vandalizing His Car Over Malfunctioning GPS


Michael Winterman
Michael Winterman
Photo: Cincinnati Police Department

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: White people are crazy!

Either some of these people are a couple Legos short of a Lego City model set or they just have a weird kink for being overtly racist on camera and suffering consequences for their white supremacist actions.

A white man was arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday over a May 27 incident in which he was filmed telling his Uber driver, a Black man from Chad, which is in central Africa, “I hope to hell you get shot, nigger.” After going full Cosmo KK-Kramer on the driver, he got out and allegedly vandalized his car. What prompted such a hateful attack? Well, maybe he was drunk; maybe he was dissatisfied with the driver’s service—or maybe he’s just a racist piece of shit taking his own mediocrity out on the first negro he could find to lash out at.

Fox 19 Now reports that 60-year-old Michael Winterman was arrested and booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center on charges of ethnic intimidation, criminal damaging and disorderly conduct. He appeared in court on Thursday and his bond was set at $26,000.

According to a Cincinnati Police Department affidavit, Winterman “did knowingly while intoxicated verbally abuse Mr. Abdelkadre Ahmat by calling him a [nigger] and wishing someone would shoot him. Mr. Winterman also damaged the victim’s vehicle while in a fit of rage.”

The driver, Abdelkadre Khamis Ahmat, said that the incident began when his GPS malfunctioned and he asked his Klan-ish passenger for directions to his destination. Video of the altercation was released Tuesday, and it shows Winterman in the back seat of the vehicle looking at his phone when he suddenly starts badgering Ahmat and can be heard using the slur while expressing his desire to see a Black man get shot. He’s then seen exiting the video and what sounds like scraping against the side of the car can be heard before Ahmat is seen getting out to confront him.

The wild thing is that Winterman reportedly called the police on Ahmat while he was in his car. I don’t know if dude thought that GPS failings are illegal or he was hoping to get the ball rolling on manifesting his favorite wet dream of watching Black people catch bullets with their bodies, but nothing came out of that call and it’s unclear if the cops even showed up that night.

What’s also wild is that, after the incident, Ahmat was locked out of his Uber account and his account wasn’t restored until after organizers called on the company to reinstate it so Ahmat could make a living, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

It’s unclear why (the fuck) Uber locked Ahmat out in the first place, but the company said in an email to the Inquirer, “This is the first we’ve seen of the video, and what is shown is appalling and unacceptable.”

“Violence and discrimination have no place on the Uber platform,” the statement continued. “We’ve been attempting to reach out to the driver to get more information since the incident was first reported to us last month. We are reactivating the driver’s account and the rider has been banned from Uber.”

So, now that all of that is out of the way, there’s really only one thing left to discuss: Why does Winterman have two black eyes in this mugshot?

There’s a joke that goes, “What do you tell a man with two black eyes? Nothing, because he’s already been told twice.”

Man, I really just like to imagine that he called the wrong nigga a nigger and got his whole face rocked a couple times. I mean, I’m sure y’all see bruises, but I see the words “fucked around” written under his left eye, and the words “found out” written under the right.

Hopefully, this crazy racist is found guilty on everything he’s charged with.

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