Hate Website’s Videos Removed by YouTube — Then CNN Lobbies for Reinstatement and YouTube Caves


You don’t see this every day.
In fact, you NEVER see this.

The far-left Tech Giants are notorious for removing conservative content and censoring and banning conservative personalities and websites.
We have been reporting on this for years.

On Monday far left Right Wing Watch, a group that exists only to target, destroy and remove conservatives from the internet, was banned by YouTube.

The hate website posted the news on Twitter and said YouTube rejected their appeal.

This was confusing for the far left operatives at Right Wing Watch considering are kindred spirits with Google-YouTube and agree with each other on everything.

The Daily Caller reported back in 2018 on the Soros channel’s copyright infringement allegations.
This went on for years before YouTube took the website down.

UPDATE– CNN lobbied to YouTube and Right Wing Watch had their channel reinstated.

This only happens on the left.

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