Kelli Ward – AZ AUDIT UPDATE: THIRTEEN STATES Have Visited The Audit – Who Will Be Next?

  On Sunday, AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward Tweeted an outstanding Arizona audit update.


Kelli Ward: “WA, GA, VA, PA, NV, UT, CO, WI, OK, AK, MI, SC, MO have all recently visited the first full forensic audit of an American election – THIRTEEN states. #AmericasAudit is soon to be #AmericasAudits! Arizona is leading the way to #ElectionIntegrity in America.”

13 states have now toured the historic Arizona audit with hope of all 50 states doing the same!

Requests to review this audit have been coming in droves and more states are expected to tour the audit this week, as it will be over by the end of this month.

Who will be next?

Pennsylvania is ready to start its audit as soon as July, but PA State Senator Dave Argall must stand up and issue the subpoena!

13 states are leading the way and seeing firsthand how a forensic audit with controls and transparency is done. This audit was best in class and no comparison to the BS audits done by the Democrats in the county which didn’t look at a single ballot.  Encourage your legislatures to do the same.  This is a historic battle.

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