Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets ‘Babies Are Not Born Racist.’ Now I’m Wondering When TF Her Racism Was Taught


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If “this you?” was a person, it would be Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Last Thursday, Greene was on a stage faking a Mexican accent while impersonating the cartel leaders who exist exclusively in the toxic air bubble that is her mind. On Tuesday she was tweeting about how “babies are not born racist.”

The latter tweet featured a page from Antiracist Babya children’s picture book—that probably still surpasses Greene’s reading level—written by author Ibram X. Kendi, a guy who has literally made a career teaching all of the Critical Race Theory-related things that QA-Nazis like Greene oppose.

“Babies are not racist. Babies are not born racist. The Critical Race Theory is racist,” Greene captioned her tweet emphasizing that she’s just another KK-Karen whining about an academic study she knows nothing about.

HuffPost reports that Greene—who rightfully believes that people aren’t born racist, but also racist-fully believes that people should be barred from running for office if they’re brown Muslims from brown Muslim countries—recently announced her support for the Stop CRT Act, which is another white fragility bill aimed at withholding federal funding from any teachings that include CRT.

See, this is why you can’t trust white people whose eyes are too close to their nose bridges (sorry, but somebody had to say it). Greene—who would probably rather we all forget that she wanted to start an “America First Caucus” built on “Anglo-Saxon political traditions”—is doing that white conservative thing where white conservatives pretend they’re standing against racism while pushing for legislation that explicitly upholds white supremacy.

 Greene said during a meeting of the Dalton City Council in Georgia last year that she would support leaving up statues of Adolf Hitler and Satan because, like many white people who love their statues of horrible people, she thinks the statues are necessary for the teaching of history. In other words, she thinks visual aids are necessary for book learning, which actually explains her use of the Antiracist Babies picture book and…

Wait. Well, shit—I think I’ve stumbled onto something: Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t read books that don’t have pictures in them. Maybe her eyes are too close together for her to read actual words.

Wait...wait...wait—do any Republicans read books that don’t have pictures?

Look, I’m just going to throw this out there: Maybe somebody should write a book on Critical Race Theory and include cute baby book pictures in it so that conservatives might actually read something about the thing they keep railing against. Maybe then they wouldn’t keep saying dumb shit like CRT—a study that focuses exclusively on laws and systems, not white racism at the individual level—teaches that all white people are racist or that they’re all responsible for America’s racist past.

Anyway, AOC’s weirdest stalker has time and time again proven herself to be as imbalanced as her eye-to-nose bridge ratio, so nothing about any of her recent Anglo-Saxon nonsense is surprising.

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