Mike Lindell Loses Law Firm Representation After New Suit Against Election Machine Companies


The law firm Barnes & Thornburg LLP dropped Mike Lindell as a client after he filed a lawsuit against Dominion, Smartmatic, and affiliated voting technology companies.

Alec J. Beck, the attorney who worked for the firm and signed onto the lawsuit suddenly parted ways with the firm Friday.

Beck will still remain a part of Mike Lindell’s litigation team.

Law and Crime reported:

Alec J. Beck, the Minneapolis attorney who on Thursday signed election conspiracy theorist and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s lawsuit against Dominion, Smartmatic, and affiliated voting technology companies, on Friday suddenly and summarily parted ways with his now-former law firm. But his co-counsel in the Lindell case tells Law&Crime that Beck will remain on as an integral part of the Lindell litigation team.

Beck until Friday worked as a partner for the law firm Barnes & Thornburg LLP, which employs more than 600 attorneys in 20 offices around the country.

“Late last night, firm management became aware of the filing of the complaint which was done without receiving firm authorization pursuant to internal firm approval procedures,” a Barnes & Thornburg spokesperson told Law&Crime in an email Friday afternoon. “The firm has withdrawn as local counsel in this matter and has ended the client relationship. The attorney representing the client in this matter is no longer with the firm.”

On June 3rd, Mike Lindell announced a lawsuit against Dominion, Smartmatic, and affiliated voting technology companies.

The suit accuses the companies of a “lawfare campaign” and says they are “weaponizing the judicial system and the litigation process to silence dissent.”

Mike Lindell also wants to recover damages from these companies.

According to Lindell, he is “entitled to recover his actual and special damages from Dominion and Smartmatic for their collective role in their conspiracy and enterprise to harm him — damages which presently are estimated to exceed $2 billion.”

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