The Overflow Crowd in Ohio at Trump’s Rally Last Night Was HUGE – Larger than All the Participants at Joe Biden’s ‘Circle Rallies’ in 2020


President Trump speaks at Save America rally in Wellington Ohio, June 26, 2021, photo by Kristinn Taylor

Pictures of the crowd at the Trump rally in Ohio last night show a massive crowd as far as the eye can see. 

The crowd in Ohio last night at President Trump’s rally in Ohio was huge.  We know this from the number of people in the crowd:

We also know this morning that the overflow crowd was huge as well:

Here are a couple videos from the rally last night:

It appears there were more people in the overflow crowd last night in Ohio (estimate of more than 2,000) than the number of participants at all of the Biden ‘rallies’ in the 2020 election campaign (less than 2,000):

The media, Big Tech, the Democrats, Republican elites, China, etc… were against America and President Trump in the 2020 election and they worked together to steal the election.  Americans know the truth. 

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