A Sports Trifecta: Joe Biden Lies About Baseball – After Lying about Golf and Football and Everything Else


Biden told another big lie yesterday when he said he hit a ball 368 ft at a Congressional baseball game.  This was in front of the Los Angeles Dodgers, winners of last year’s World Series.

However, as reported at Redstate this was another tall tale from the senile one:

Nope, Biden never came close to hitting a long ball – he never got a hit in 1975 either:

Nope the baseball story is another outright lie:

This comes after Biden claimed he had a 6 handicap in golf – which clearly is a lie.

Biden also claimed he played college football – which was a lie.

No Biden didn’t hit a long ball at a Congressional baseball game, nor does he have a 6 handicap in golf, nor did he ever play college football.  The man lies about everything.

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