BREAKING: Wisconsin Speaker Vos Gives Former Judge More Authority But Still Won’t Call for a Forensic Audit of 2020 Election Like Arizona’s


Speaker Vos won’t permit the ballots from the 2020 Election to be forensically audited.  Instead of standing up for the Constitution and his oath of office, he kowtows to his friends Rence Priebus and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.

In November, a couple of days after the election, the Republican House Speaker in Wisconsin ordered a committee to look into fraudulent votes in the election a few days prior.  Nothing happened as a result.  It was a head fake.

In December the Republican Speaker of Wisconsin’s House set up a public hearing to discuss the results of the 2020 Election in Wisconsin.  Tens of thousands of ballots (140,000) dropped for Biden in the morning of November 4th.  There was no legitimate explanation for this but the state certified the election anyways.

This hearing from the Republican speaker meant nothing.  Nothing happened as a result and the state certified the election for Biden with these unexplained votes included.  Biden was given the state by 20,000 votes. 

Then in March, the Wisconsin Assembly ordered an audit of the results in Wisconsin – to be performed by the state auditors.  But this will never catch the fraud.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.  The state auditors are grossly unqualified to do what was done in Arizona.

Then Speaker Vos announced he’s hiring three retired cops to look into the 2020 Election.  They too will never address the fraud in the 2020 Election.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

President Trump knows how to get to the results in Wisconsin .  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

We warned the state and Vos about the fact that only a forensic audit would address invalid audits included in the election.

Then the Speaker announced he was going to hire a former Supreme Court Justice in the state to oversee the bogus work created to date in the state.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

Today Speaker Vos announced he would give more authority to the former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge who is not investigating the election for Vos.

The investigation into Wisconsin’s presidential election could take longer than expected. As Assembly Speaker Robin Vos named a ‘Special Counsel’ Friday, he also announced his team is altering plans in the independent investigation into the 2020 presidential election.

Vos is still unable to call for a forensic audit of the 2020 Election in Wisconsin like what was just completed in Arizona.  What is wrong with this guy?  The whole state wants to know the truth and Vos keeps preventing it from being know.  

There will be no forensic audit of any ballots in the 2020 election in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin will have to live with the results.  Speaker Vos cares more about his friends (i.e. Paul Ryan) than the Constitution and getting to the truth of the 2020 Election.  

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