Chicago Rapper Ambushed by Two Gunmen and Shot 64 Times After Walking Out of Jail


The lawlessness in Chicago continues.  

The Daily Mail reports:

A Chicago rapper died after suffering as many as 64 bullet wounds to his head and other parts of his body in what police are calling an ambush shooting just as he was released from jail.

Londre Sylvester, 31, who is known by his stage name KTS Dre, was one of three people who were shot just outside Cook County Jail in the Little Village section of Chicago on Saturday.

The shooting took place as Sylvester was released from the jail while wearing a monitoring device on his ankle, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Witnesses reported that two armed men stepped outside a vehicle and started shooting Sylvester, striking him in the face and chest.

People around the world must think that the US has gone mad.  The UK’s Sun reports:

RAPPER KTS Dre was reportedly shot dead as he was released from jail on Saturday night in an ambush that killed two others.

The Chicago musician, whose real name is Londre Sylvester, was shot at least 64 times, police said.

Just another day in Chicago.  Maybe the Democrats there will demand to defund the police in response.


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