China Is Now ‘Welcomed With Open Arms’ Following US Departure From Afghanistan; Plans to Invest $62 Billion, Expanding Its “Belt and Road” Initiative


After years of working to re-legitimize America’s credibility and strength when confronting foreign policy, Donald Trump moved to make good on his promise to end the ‘forever wars’ and called to have all of our brave sons and daughters return home.

Trump was lambasted by just about everyone in the media for his actions

Now 6 months later, as Biden is cheered for pulling the remaining US forces out of the region, Beijing is gleefully stepping in to invest $62 Billion in Afghanistan to continue furthering its 60-country, $3 trillion ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative.

Afghani leaders had been terrified for years about upsetting Trump’s Washington over talks with the communist Chinese; but now that Biden is in office, officials are welcoming the CCP with open arms.

Not only has this laughing-stock completely weakened our stance and removed all credibility from the office of the leader of the free world, he has elevated radicals to prominent roles in his administration who are working to undermine the strength of our military and giving comfort to terrorists like the Taliban.

Biden’s call to remove troops from Afghanistan was met with effusive praise by the drooling media, even though he has emboldened power-hungry groups in the area and made the situation on the ground unstable. Jihadists, and even worse China, were waiting in the wings to fill the massive power vacuum left by the untimely departure.

The vacating of Bagram Air Force Base came after Taliban leaders threatened to treat US and NATO troops as ‘occupying forces’ if they did not get out by September 11th, saying it would force their leaders to ‘react’ accordingly. Terrorists swarmed the airfield to loot the remaining equipment on the same night that the last US troops relinquished the airfield to the Afghan government.

China’s new multi-billion dollar investment in Afghanistan is one of many targeted projects that are designed to gain influence and direct road access to countries in the region and its surroundings. It also gives the Afghan President an ally with the military force to support his corrupt dealings.

The deal had been in the works for 5 years and had stalled out because of continued US presence, but it is now being ‘welcomed with open arms’ thanks to China Joe.

According to Daily Mail:

‘There has been continuous engagement between the Afghan government and the Chinese for the past few years… [but] that made the U.S. suspicious of president Ashraf Ghani government,’ a source told the Beast.

‘Ghani needs an ally with resources, clout and ability to provide military support to his government.’

Afghanistan could give China a strategic foothold in the region for trade with the country acting as a central hub connecting the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.

‘The Chinese have very carefully cultivated many political leaders to buy political support for the projects in Afghanistan at the same time. The Chinese government can ill afford to see Afghanistan not webbed through the BRI,’ the source continued.

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