Crooked Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Pushed “Virtual Voter Registration” by Telephone


Last September, Corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs fought tooth and nail for a voter registration hotline.  Many saw this as a way to allow for telephone voter fraud.

The radical leftist also wanted to allow for video-conferenced “special elections boards” to aid disabled voters.

This last-second change to election laws was shunned by Governor Doug Ducey and county recorders across the State.

Not Adrian Fontes who is the former Maricopa County Recorder.  

Audit War Room Tweeted:

Remember when Kooky Katie Hobbs setup a hotline for voter registration by TELEPHONE? Some counties REFUSED to comply because they knew it was ILLEGAL. What did Maricopa do? Stay tuned…

Associated Press wrote

“The responsibility of election officials to uphold our constitution and laws is not only a crucial responsibility, it should stand as the final test on whether changes to our election policies and procedures are appropriate — no exceptions,” Ducey wrote to Hobbs on Tuesday.

She said voters who call the hotline before the Oct. 5 voter registration deadline but aren’t able to register online or with a paper form should be allowed to vote as long as they first sign a paper form, even if they sign after the deadline.

“The guidance from Hobbs is nonbinding, and it’s ultimately up to officials in each county to decide whether to implement it.”

“Yuma County Recorder Robyn Stallworth Pouquette, who said the guidance is illegal, said voters lose faith in the integrity of elections when they hear differing information from the state and the county.”

“Security and integrity are important, because voters really need to have trust in our offices,” said Pouquette, a Republican. “And I don’t want to support anything that would accomplish distrust.”

Pinal County Recorder Virginia Ross said the the guidance would be hard to implement.

It’s a rare public split between Hobbs and some of the recorders, who have generally presented a united and bipartisan front on election questions.

Election boards in Maricopa County helped 10 voters cast ballots virtually during the August primary, said Diana Solorio, a spokesman for Recorder Adrian Fontes, a Democrat.

This public split was not over a bipartisan election measure. This law was intended to make it easier to cheat.

Maricopa County, led by Democrat Adrian Fontes, took the partisan route and compromised election integrity.

This also allowed voters to register after the October 5th deadline, which was later pushed back to October 23 by the Democrat-led Federal District Court for the District of Arizona.

Voters could already register easily online and use the special elections boards in person, just as easily. 
This was not another measure intended to make voting easier, it was intended to make cheating easier.

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