Flashback: Sidney Powell Says Thousands of Votes Were Added to Every Arizona Democrat Candidate – “I’d Be Willing to Bet It Happened Everywhere”


The New York City Board of Elections admitted on Tuesday that they left 135,000 test ballots on their machines prior to the election. These votes were included in the election night results.

But this would surely NEVER happen in a national election, right?

So was this an isolated incident?

Sidney Powell joined Newsmax back in November to discuss the developments in the 2020 election investigations.

During the interview Powell said 35,000 votes were added to every Democrat candidate in the state of Arizona.

Sidney Powell: We have other testimonial evidence that appears to be coming in now that indicates the Democrats literally added 35,000 votes to every Democrat candidate to begin with… Definitely, all over one state and I’d be willing to bet it happened everywhere.

To be clear, there was NEVER any proof presented that this took place.
However, in light of today’s announcement from the New York Board of Elections, it certainly raises questions.

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