Joe Dan Gorman at ‘Intellectual Froglegs’ Shares Another Fun and Humerous Production Highlighting Current Events as Only He Can


Joe Dan Gorman has done it again.  His mixture of current events with humor is unique and outstanding.  This month’s production is again very funny and fun.

Last month Joe Dan Gorman shared a message thanking the White Hats in the media for their honest reporting .

This month Joe Dan shares:

Pick your analogy. The enemy is within?  The barbarians are inside the gate?  Or maybe another? Regardless, communism is here.  And it’s been here… and they’re a domestic enemy more formidable that any foreign enemy we’ve ever faced.

And we know why.  They’re more formidable because, for years we’ve been betrayed… by our government, our media, and multiple global entities, both private and corporate.  Foreign interests control Washington DC.

At the 24:00 mark Joe Dan goes after the corrupt media in the US and then shares the following:

I want to offer a special salute to Jim and Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit.  These guys are patriots and if you want to see the most up to date headlines that matter, headlines that matter, you can use that, especially on the stole election and the forensic audits.  Gateway Pundit is the place to go.

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