Megalomaniac Dr. Fauci Argues Unvaccinated People Are Going to Cause the Virus to Mutate into Deadly New Variant

 Why is this man still in charge and not charged?

You truly cannot trust a single word this man says. His statements today are completely contradicted by his statements tomorrow. He continues to rewrite science on a whim and not based on anything but the words from his mouth.

Fauci is now blaming unvaccinated Americans for the next new variant.

Dr. Rand Paul filed a criminal referral against Fauci this past weekend.

Dr. Tony Fauci: If you allow the virus to freely circulate because so many people are unvaccinated you give it yet again an opportunity to mutate more and you may wind up with creating a variant that in fact eludes the protection of the vaccine.  We are really fortunate that even if this delta variant is a real bad actor in the sense of being highly transmissible, for the most part, the vaccines work very well against it.  In particular, protecting you from severe disease leading to hospitalization.

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