President Perv: Biden Says He Asked Secret Service to Keep Out of Bedroom at Breakfast Because He’s Not Dressed — Same Creep Who Swims Naked in Front of Them


Joe Biden told CNN this week that he asked the Secret Service to keep out of his bedroom in the morning because he hasn’t dressed yet.

And his schedule is so light that he doesn’t have to worry about getting up and getting dressed.

Yahoo reported:

President Joe Biden said he asks Secret Service agents to keep out of his bedroom at breakfast time because he hasn’t dressed yet.

Biden gave some insight into his morning routine at a CNN town hall on Wednesday.

He said he liked to start his days wearing his robe and eating breakfast undisturbed by his protection detail. Secret Service agents usually stay close to the president as he moves around the White House, where he lives with his wife, Jill.

This is the same guy who likes to swim naked in front of female Secret Service agents. 

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