Ted Cruz Criticizes Texas Democrats for Walkout. Texas Democrats Respond: ‘I Know You Ain't Talking.'

 Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) recently criticized Texas state Democrats for leaving the state to protest efforts by the state GOP to pass restrictive voting laws. Cruz, of all people, should’ve probably kept his mouth shut on this one because Texas Democrats and politicians were quick to remind him of his history fleeing the state.

According to Insider, state Democrats fled the state on Monday, going to Washington D.C. to put pressure on Congress to pass federal legislation that would protect voting rights across the country. So predictably Cruz, a.k.a the guy who liked porn on Twitter that one time, had something to say. In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Cruz called the decision a “political stunt” made “in a fit,” adding that it was “going to fail.”

I guess Cruz forgot that he fled his state for far less noble purposes only five months ago, but don’t worry, Texas Democrats and politicians across the country were quick to remind him. “If it’s one thing Ted Cruz knows about, it’s jet setting,” Georgia Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson tweeted. “Reminds you of when he abandoned his duty to the people of Texas when he left in the middle of a winter storm to go to Cancun.”

Last February, Texas was in the midst of a historic, deadly snowstorm. The state’s power grid failed resulting in millions of people being unable to properly heat their homes, and 151 people died due to causes related to the snow storm. A man of duty, Cruz decided to go where the people of Texas needed him most: Cancun. In true Ted Cruz fashion, he responded to criticism at the time by shifting the blame to his kids, saying they were the ones who wanted to go.

Johnson was not alone in calling out Cruz’s hypocrisy, as Julián Castro, the former presidential candidate and Texas Democrat tweeted, “Texas Democrats left the state to fight for voting rights. Ted Cruz left the state to sip drinks on a Cancun beach. I’d sit this one out, Ted.”

According to the New York Times, the lawmakers who fled for D.C. this week have said they are ultimately aware that the state GOP will eventually pass the legislation that would limit voting hours, ban drive-thru voting, and enact stricter ID requirements for mail-in voting. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said that he will call for “special session after special session after special session” until the legislation finally passes.

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