Vogue Magazine Offered to Give Melania Trump a Photo Shoot as First Lady But She Refused


VOGUE Magazine offered to give Melania Trump a photoshoot as First Lady but she refused because she wasn’t given the same treatment they gave Jill Biden.

Daily Mail is reporting that Melania Trump WAS offered a Vogue shoot as First Lady – but REFUSED because she wasn’t guaranteed the cover treatment that was afforded to Jill Biden, per a former advisor’s claims in her book.

Melania was the most stunning First Lady in history and always will be.  She was a welcome change after the media tried to sell her predecessor which was a lost cause.

Melania was graceful and elegant – nothing like a liberal woman at all.

Conservative women are beautiful and elegant and are leaders and role models.  Liberal women earn their positions by doing anything they have to including losing their dignity:

Here are some more pictures to support our position that Melania is and always will be the most beautiful First Lady ever:

And more:

And more:

And more:

We could go on all day.

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