“We Can’t Rely on the Honor System” – Doctor on CNN Demands Mask Mandates Nationwide Regardless of Vaccination Status (VIDEO)


CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen on Thursday demanded a nationwide mask mandate regardless of vaccination status.

Leana Wen was born in China and served as the president of Planned Parenthood until July 2019.

“Without a reliable system to determine proof of vaccination, it’s not possible to tell who is vaccinated and who is not,” Wen said. “The honor system does not work.”

Wen said ultimately the Biden Administration should mandate Covid passports in order for people to be able move about.


Earlier this month Wen said the Biden Administration should make life difficult for unvaccinated Americans.

Wen complained about current policies and said life is simply too easy for unvaccinated Americans because they can still do what they want.

“Hey, you can opt out, but if you want to opt out, you have to sign these forms, you have to get twice weekly testing,” Wen said.

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