White Man Arrested on Hate Crime Charge for Allegedly Punching and Hurling Racial Slurs at Black Chicago Teen With Autism

 White rage continues to boil over with bigoted energy putting Black people who are trying their damndest to mind their own business in contentious and often dangerous positions. In the Near West Side neighborhood of Chicago, a white man has been charged with a hate crime and battery after he was alleged to have physically and verbally attacked a Black 19-year-old who has autism in the bathroom of a grocery store. Not only is this man accused of hurling racial slurs at the teen, but he also allegedly hurled them at an off-duty Chicago police officer who is also Black.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Assistant State’s Attorney Darryl Auguste said that 44-year-old Philipp T. Jordt was standing near a urinal in the Pete’s Fresh Market grocery store bathroom where he began harassing the unidentified teen with slurs as he was washing his hands.

And because racist white people tend to believe white people are responsible for all things great and innovative in this world, Jordt allegedly shouted at the teen, “White people built this country.”

During Jordt’s first court appearance after his arrest, the judge rightfully took issue with that ahistorical load of white nonsense.

From the Tribune:

“I’m quite certain there are a lot of African Americans who would beg to differ with that,” Judge John Lyke said.

Jordt allegedly tried to prevent the 19-year-old from leaving the bathroom and punched him in the stomach while continuing to yell racial slurs, Auguste said. The 19-year-old exited the bathroom after a struggle in which he punched Jordt at least once, knocking him to the ground.

Surveillance video shows Jordt allegedly following the man out of the bathroom and continuing to throw punches, although he didn’t make contact, according to Auguste. There is no audio on the video, but a witness, the 19-year-old’s grandmother, who was waiting outside the bathroom, accused Jordt of calling the man racial slurs outside the bathroom. The surveillance video also did not capture the altercation in the bathroom.

Two off-duty police officers who were working security at the store intervened in the altercation, and because flagrant caucasity knows no bounds, Jordt reportedly began slinging slurs at the Black officer.

According to Auguste, Jordt said he was drunk at the time he was being placed in custody because, for some reason, racist white people seem to believe the alcohol they exclusively drink is some kind of white supremacy sizzurp that causes them to become intoxicated with bigotry that wasn’t already there—either that or they are just really pitiful at coming up with plausible excuses.

“What I’ve heard growing up is that alcohol is a truth serum,” Lyke said to Jordt, the Tribune reports. “It tends to expose who you are.”

But remember, caucasity is a boundless phenomenon, so while he was being arrested, Jordt reportedly told officers he doesn’t have a problem with all Black people, just Black folk who behave a certain way—says the 40-plus-year-old man who was throwing punches at a teenager and slinging around racial slurs like they were his favorite liquid crack-infused candy.

Jordt’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Jessica Hunter, said in court, “I do believe that there is much more than meets the eye here about the interaction between the complaining witness and my client,” because apparently grown-ass bigots are never fully responsible for their own actions.

Jordt’s bail was set at $150,000—which he would need to post 10 percent of to be released to home electronic monitoring—and the judge also executed a warrant carrying a $500 bond for an outstanding misdemeanor he was charged with in an unrelated incident.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday morning.

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