AZ Audit Update: It Didn’t Have to Be This Way In Afghanistan But We Will Find The Truth – Subpoenas Enforced By Attorney General (VIDEO)


Joe Biden After Twelve American Military Members Reported Dead on His Watch

Yesterday, AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward issued another Arizona audit update and despite good news for America’s audit, she is not happy.

She gives all of her prayers to the American troops that were killed in the Kabul airport explosions, the citizens, and the families of each victim.

This blood is on Joe Biden’s hands and he knows it.

On Tuesday, the DNC released a statement declaring, “Not only has President Biden evacuated nearly 60,000 people from Kabul with no American casualties, but he has taken the steps necessary to finally end a 20-year long war, bring Americans home, and keep our promise to our Afghan partners.”

The Democrats did not speak too soon. They just flat out lied to the American people (AGAIN).

Kelli Ward reminds us that it did not have to be this way and provides an update on Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s excellent decision to uphold the constitution, on Thursday. 

It is time to get to the bottom of this and prevent more American blood and treasure from being spilled by this fraudulent puppet-in-chief.

Ward: We have breaking news from the Attorney General of Arizona, regarding Maricopa County, breaking the law by refusing to comply with lawful subpoenas, from the Arizona State Senate.

But I want to start today by expressing my deepest condolences to the families of Americans that have lost their lives in the explosions in Afghanistan, especially the American troops that were just killed in the bombing, outside of the Kabul airport. I am so angry because it did not have to be this way. Deciding to leave Afghanistan was the right thing to do, just as President Trump planned to get Americans out of endless Middle Eastern wars. But bungling it in the horrific way that Biden has, has now led to Americans losing their lives.

 Democrats are putting in overtime to spend this withdrawal as successful, and claiming that Biden defies expectations and delivers results in Afghanistan. I actually have to say that I agree with them. We weren’t expecting much from this administration at all, but Biden has so massively botched this withdrawal. It has truly defied our expectations. We’re going to continue to keep the people of Afghanistan and the Americans stranded there, abandoned there by Joe Biden and his puppeteers, in our thoughts and in our prayers and I hope you will too.

Now to bring it back home, as I mentioned at the top of this update, there are significant developments regarding the Arizona audit, America’s audit. Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich announced that his office has determined that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, is, is in violation of state law for failing to comply with the Arizona Senate subpoenas related to the 2020 election audit. If the Board of Supervisors does not change its course, the Attorney General will notify the state treasurer to withhold their allocated state funds until the board complies. This can be as much as $70 million. And according to state law, they have 30 days to comply. Both the courts and the Attorney General have spoken.

I believe the board of supervisors must give the audit team, the routers, Splunk logs, access tokens, and anything else that they have withheld from this audit team. The delay tactics and legal gaslighting have got to stop. The American people deserve to know that our elections are fair and legal.

I do wonder if they’ll give up 10s of millions of dollars in order to attempt to continue to keep Arizona America and the world in the dark about the potential digital manipulation of our elections.

Dr. Ward is 100% correct in saying, “it did not have to be this way.” This never should have happened regardless of who was president, but this never would have happened if President Trump was in charge.

Finishing this audit and starting more audits must remain our #1 priority so that we can prevent the Biden Regime from dealing more death, damage, destruction, and more stolen elections.

 Trump was right. Stolen elections have consequences.

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