Biden’s ‘Woke’ General Claimed in June That Key Air Force Base in Afghanistan “Is NOT Necessary” for Withdrawal

 Biden’s ‘woke’ General Mark Milley said on June 23rd of this year that Bagram Air force Base in Afghanistan wasn’t “necessary” for the plan to withdraw from Afghanistan. This will come back to haunt Milley who seems to be more concerned with “white” extremism than getting the withdrawal right in Afghanistan. If only American troops had Bagram AFB to use to evacuate people.

Video below shows Milley on June 23rd testifying that Bagram is not necessary:

“Bagram is not necessary, tactically or operationally for what we are going to try to do here with Afghanistan. Consolidate on Kabul in defense of their government“.

Milley’s further testimony on the withdrawal from Afghanistan:

We’re in deep trouble with this guy in charge.

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