Dave Portnoy Rips President Biden Amid Chaos in Afghanistan: ‘The World’s Crumbling Maybe it’s Time to Leave F*cking Camp David’

 Despite calls from Elon Musk to run for office, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy routinely rants against politicians and their agendas. Tuesday morning, Portnoy commented on the current anarchy in Afghanistan, lashing out at President Joe Biden and politicians from both parties.

“The Afghanistan (situation) sucks, obviously it’s crazy and politicians on both sides just suck,” Portnoy eloquently stated. “The finger pointing and you get the feeling that the Trump people are happy this happened because they can brag and the left blames it on Trump and everybody just sucks.”

“Anybody who would want to be a politician is a f*cking crazy person” Portnoy continued. “It is gladiator, the only people who should be politicians are people who don’t want to be politicians. I don’t trust any politicians, they all f*cking suck.”

After a brief pause to gather his thoughts, Portnoy blasted President Biden without naming him. “Dude, get off of vacation. The world’s crumbling, maybe it’s time to leave f*cking Camp David,” Portnoy said before returning to his alter ego as Davey Day Trader.

Biden cut his vacation short on Monday, returning to the White House from Camp David to comment on the current situation in Afghanistan. The president was widely criticized and pressured to end his vacation as the US military withdraws from Afghanistan and Taliban forces seize control of the nation.

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