EXCLUSIVE Jan 6 Political Prisoners Who Refuse COVID Vax Are Denied Razors, Haircuts, Religion Ahead Court Appearances: ‘They’re Trying Make Them Look Like Terrorists’


When the January 6 detainees stand before a judge in federal court to adjudicate conspiracy charges and allegations of domestic terrorism after languishing in a Washington, D.C. jail for months, at first glance they may be mistaken for cavemen or Islamic jihadists.

Inmates who refuse to get an experimental COVID19 vaccination are prohibited from using razors, getting haircuts, endure even longer periods of solitary confinement and are barred from visitation privileges, their families explained in an exclusive interview .

Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, an Army reservist who worked on a Naval base in New Jersey, was apprehended on January 15 after the Federal Bureau of Investigations confirmed he stepped in the Capitol building for a few minutes during the “insurrection” and took a selfie.

“He, literally, has not held a can of shaving cream or razer since his arrest,” his aunt and advocate Cynthia Hughes told TGP. “That was the last time he was able to shave. You’re talking about somebody who was in the military, who keeps their hair short – he’s always clean-cut. This is somebody with no criminal history who has been in the military for 13 years. He hasn’t shaved since January 15.

“When they go present themselves in front of the judge, they actually look like terrorists – you actually look like madman or jihadist when you can’t shave for 8 months.”

Approximately 50 of the 600 plus Jan. 6 political prisoners are detained in the DC Central Detention Facility. The jail, located just blocks away from the White House, the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill, has reportedly become Guantanamo Bay for American Citizens.

Until June, amid the Washington D.C. Department of Corrections’ compliance with Covid “safety” protocol, all of the Jan 6. inmates jailed in Washington were held in solitary confinement in cells the size of a walk-in closet for up to 24 hours a day and allowed just 1 hour a day of recreation time during which they were permitted to shower, call their attorneys, call their families and human interaction before they were thrown back in their cell.

As Covid restrictions waned at the start of the summer, the detainees were allotted 5 hours of rec time. Still, the inmates, who are denied bond for allegedly trespassing in the People’s House, are being told by guards that they are barred access from basic necessities until they receive the mRNA Covid19 vaccination.

“Many are not out of solitary confinement,” Hughes continued. “Almost eight months later, they are still denied religious services, denied physical activity. They do not go outside. They do not see sunlight. They are denied grooming services. What’s the justification for that? What’s their reasoning? COVID. They tell them that they have to take the vaccination to have access to those things.”

After bribing inmates into getting the potentially lethal vaccine, the jail isn’t even holding its side of the bargain.

“We know one of the Jan. 6 guys in there who did take the vaccine and he is still being denied access to those services,” warns Hughes, who organized a support group for the families of January 6 detainees. “They just want to mess with these guys. They just want to hurt them. They just want to play games with them. It’s just a lie. Get the vaccine, you still won’t get sunlight or fresh air.”

Joseph Hackett, a physical therapist, faces a 20-year sentence after allegedly standing in the Capitol building for ten minutes on Jan. 6. Hackett’s. Joseph’s wife Deena was shellshocked after their home was raided by the FBI following his arrest in May and now faces the prospects of raising their young daughter and running their family business alone.

When Deena, travels from Florida to see her husband for the first time in months, he will have to return to solitary confinement to “quarantine.”

“Now, they are saying the video visitation is not working at the moment and I am not allowed to see him if I go to DC. If they did let me in, Joe would have to be put back in quarantine for two weeks,” Deena told TGP. “They have no right to their religious beliefs – they are not allowed speak to a pastor because of Covid. He’s Christian – he’s being denied that. He is sitting there with no due process.”

Like most of the Jan 6. detainees, who sing the national anthem every night at 9 pm from their cells, Joseph refuses to get the jab.

“He’s not allowed to shave or get his hair cut or anything like that because he’s not going to get the vaccine,” Deena said. “He said he had to get ahold of a comb day the other so he can comb the hair on the top of his lip – are you kidding me? The sad thing is they are keeping these guys in jail and they’re not letting them shave or get a haircut, and they are going in front of the judge looking like cavemen, like Osama Bin Laden terrorists.

“One of the guys that was released a couple of weeks ago, was on our family zoom on Sunday. He showed us a picture of what he looked like when he was let out. He looked like a caveman. He even said, ‘I would have been scared if I saw this guy walking down the street, I’d run the other way.'”

As the gatekeepers exploit draconian covid restrictions torture the men who dared protest Biden’s fraud-ridden victory, Joseph Hackett fears the inhumane conditions at the jail may cripple him.

The prison system is coercing vaccination but won’t provide Hackett the medication he needs to heal his wounded leg and ruptured spine.

“Before he was arrested, my husband had just ruptured two discs in his lower back. We sent the MRI to the jail. His wounds were being treated and he had a treatment plan. Now, the jail will provide him his medication. He said his right leg has atrophied so bad he doesn’t think he’ll be able to get that muscle back,” Deena said. “And what they’re feeding them in there? Only bologna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – that’s all they get. It’s sick.”

The DC Corrections department claims it is providing a “maximum security” designation for protection of  Jan 6 detainees by placing them in “restrictive housing,” according to court documents from several Capitol protest suspects. In reality, the Biden administration has less regard for Trump-supporting protesters than the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Guards are “roughing up” the siege suspects and treating them like “domestic terrorists” to show solidarity with law enforcement who protected the Capitol, Joseph McBride, an attorney representing an inmate who put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, told Daily Mail.

“In the eyes of the Federal Government, the 2021 Trump supporter is the 2001 religious Muslim,” McBride warns. “This is demonstrated by the fact that Trump Supporters, type casted as extremists, are being illegally detained pretrial by the United States Government.’

Saifullah Paracha, 73, and Abdul Rabbani, 54, both of Pakistan, and Uthman Abdul al-Rahim Uthman, 40, of Yemen, have been approved transfer from Guantanamo to other countries

As the Biden administration clears the release of actual terrorists from the U.S.’s Guantanamo Bay detention facility, the Department of Homeland Security is bolstering the Democrat Party and news media’s effort to permanently brand Americans who tried to Stop the Steal as “domestic terrorists” or “insurrectionists.” On Aug. 1, DHS issued an alert warning anti-government “extremists” who insist the 2020 election was illegitimate and refuse to comply with covid mandates pose an imminent threat national security threat ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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