Federal Judge: WaPo Published Article With “At Least Reckless Disregard Of The Truth That It Had Previously Reported”


A federal judge just sided with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) in his defamation suit against The Washington Post.

According to the federal judge, the Washington Post published an article with “at least reckless disregard of the truth that it had previously reported.”

From The Epoch Times:

The paper said in its motion to dismiss that its correction erased any claims to malice, but U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols rejected that argument.

 “A newspaper’s own prior (and correct) reporting that is inconsistent with its later (and incorrect) reporting could certainly give the paper reason to seriously doubt the truth of its later publication—just as a source’s pre-publication recantation may be evidence that a publisher had reason to doubt the source’s original claims,” Nichols, a Trump nominee, wrote in his Aug. 11 decision.

“Later in this case, Nunes will have to establish by clear and convincing evidence that, even in light of the corrections the Post did issue, it published its statements with actual malice. But for now, he has sufficiently pleaded that, in November 2020, the Post published its article with at least reckless disregard of the truth that it had previously reported,” he added.

Rep. Nunes celebrated the ruling and said he expects to depose The Washington Post.

He said the process may take a few months.

From Yahoo:

Rep. Devin Nunes said he expects to depose the Washington Post as part of a lawsuit focused on an article hearkening back to the early days of former President Donald Trump’s administration when the commander in chief claimed the Obama administration wiretapped the phones in Trump Tower before the 2016 election.

The California Republican made the prediction after a federal judge ruled on Wednesday that his suit — which focuses on a Nov. 9 article that initially said Nunes made a visit to the White House “late at night” in 2017 and believed intelligence would “buttress his baseless claims of the Obama administration spying on Trump Tower” — could move forward, albeit in a stripped-down fashion.

“For the first time in modern history, I am going to be able to depose the Washington Post,” Nunes said during a Thursday interview on Newsmax. He said the process may take a few months, adding, “I’m deposing them on something that goes back five years ago, so we’re just trying to track people down and hold them accountable.”

The Washington Post isn’t the only left-wing news outlet facing being deposed.

The New York Supreme Court sided with Project Veritas in a case against the New York Times.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The New York Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Project Veritas in its lawsuit against the New York Times.

Project Veritas will be permitted to depose the New York Times.

A motion for a stay was denied.

Project Veritas sued the New York Times for claiming their Minnesota ballot harvesting video was “deceptive.”

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