Fulton County 2020 Election Case’s Request is Granted – Election Workers Ruby Freeman, Wandrea Moss, and Happy Faces Personnel Group Are Added to the Case


We first discovered Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss in December when The Gateway Pundit first reported that these two election workers took ballots out from under a table on Election night and jammed thousands of ballots into the tabulators numerous times. 

This was after all of the election observers were sent home for the night.  This was also after Trump had accumulated what experts said was an insurmountable lead in the state.

We revealed first that the ballots taken out from under tables on Election night were pushed into tabulators up to three times each.

A report as a result of observations from that evening was generous in describing the mess and crimes that occurred.

Now the Fulton County case of the 2020 Election has added a few of these characters to the case.

An update in the case is as follows:

This is not good for Ruby and her daughter. 

It’s also pathetic that these two are not in jail already.  Their crimes were videotaped!

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