Georgia Fulton County Elections Chief Ralph Jones Resigns – He Ran the Late Night Ballot Dump Operation in Atlanta


Ralph Jones resigned from his Election position in Fulton County on Friday.

According to 11Alive:

Jones was one of the county officials onsite at State Farm Arena on Election Night, as the counting of ballots continued past midnight.

Those hours became a fixation of the Trump campaign’s efforts to discredit Fulton County’s handling of the election. In his position, Jones became a target of the former president’s supporters who sought to prove an Election Night conspiracy at the arena.

 Back in early December we first learned the name of the individual who told election workers to go home on Election night so he and some hand-picked workers could pull ballots out from under tables and jam thousands of Biden-only ballots through tabulation machines.

A short time later, the CFO of the Secretary of State’s office, Gabe Sterling, claimed that nothing was out of the normal in Fulton County on Election Night.  Sterling lied in an interview with Newsmax and said that there was an election poll watcher in Fulton County when they were jamming thousands of ballots into voting tabulation machines on election night.  This poll watcher, Sterling said was Ralph Jones.  But this was a lie because Jones worked for Sterling and the elections department of Fulton County.  Jones was not an independent observer.  Jones also was pushing thousands of ballots through the tabulation machines himself on Election Night.

Gabe Sterling and Secretary of State Raffensperger were lying.  The actions in Fulton County on Election Night were criminal.

Raffensperger and his gang were notified of the ballot stuffing in Fulton County on Election Night and they did nothing.  They tried to cover it up.

Anyone who committed crimes in Georgia in the 2020 Election should be in jail.  This starts with the corrupt Governor Kemp and his CFO Sterling and everyone else they covered up for and lied about.  They all should be in jail.  Are there any law enforcement personnel in Georgia who enforce the law?

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